Trump says coronavirus is under control in US

Trump says coronavirus is under control in US 

you may ask about the current virus which is you know very well on to control the market.we virtue people with it and the people that you have it in.locations i have not heard anything other maybe there's something new his for two days i have a can much of that news of very much news because it's been very.all income per we look opportunity wait a lot of meetings .you know but the people getting better you're all getting better


on quite a virus specifically mr president twenty fourteen when the evil situation was very conserving to so many Americans.what we did event impatient will we plot to the us and a few days now i know for sure that had leaders are incompetent it all caps wrote keep them out of here.or than twenty americans have now been brought back to the united states.with coronavirus by your own measured does that mean that you're government has been incompetent no [UH] imagination.

we know between you've ebola and given a virus big big difference it's like day and night and i thought that we should bring them back there americans we should bring them back with the ebola's very explosive , very terrible we're making tremendous try jenny bollen with the things that we're doing is know these [SMACK] memory glass think you're lives and to the question but there's a tremendous as a vast difference in bringing special

actually in around fourteen was a fourteen or well and at that time nobody had ever . I heard of the what were they conceived of something where you're basically people would disintegrate and . we're still working on bowl with the people they are always of the lack of these [SMACK] highly got right now we're doing a .  we're doing a lot of things having to do with the problem went for getting about . so with that you're horrible thing but we have that now very much under control other than certain parts of the congo where to having war and we can't get it



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