Freely generation, how to collect targeted email addresses and validate them totally for free.

Freely generation, how to collect targeted email addresses and validate them totally for free.

Freely generation, how to collect targeted email addresses and validate them totally for free.

I have something interesting for you. Yesterday I lost my website, books and more. I believe that reading books is one of the main factors of success in life, whether in business or in your personal social life. So I published this website where you will find book summaries and you can read books and minutes. So every week you can read multiple books simply with no time anyway. 

Now let's start over and learn how we can scrape and collect e-mails without any tools totally for free and validate them. Simply go to a website called Recruiting Dot Net. This website simply will generate a Google search query. Let's start and see how this works. Go to lengthen section here and select the target you want. 

Let's say we want to target people in the United States and the job as SEO specialists. Anything you want just said the job title we can search also other keywords exclude and so on. Now let's give a default and click find the right people. It will give you this. You are just controversy or competition. L got your browser and pasted your URL and open it. Very nice. Now simply to find e-mails just right here, double code at Gmail dot com. And this way we will find all emails ending with Gmail like enter and here we are.

 You can see now we have e-mails inside the search results before we continue. There is a very important point you have to know about. If you look at my page here, I have around one hundred results and not done like in your case. So before you start searching and doing this, you need to go to settings here and then go to search settings and be sure and the results per page to set it to 100 results, which will make it easier for you to collect 100 emails per search so you have less pages. How to extract them? 

Let's see. Just try to control a then control see to copy everything or the text here and go to my awesome tool email text extraction on tools dot com. So we've got our super tools, email, email, text extraction and then pay the text here. So simple click extract emails and boom. You can see we have so many emails inside our box. Very nice. Let's do it again.

Let's go down here to the second search page. Control a control see. Just based here extract.

And awesome, 114 e-mails, let's go back here and let's say search for Yahoo dot com search, copy everything, then go here based and click extract. And 183 images, we are extracting images from Google with whatever domain we want. Now we have the e-mails. Let's click on Remove Duplicates to keep all the unique images. Very nice. Now we have 177 images. You can keep doing this and get all the e-mails you want at all and a specific need or target. 

Okay, so now we have the e-mails. We need to validate it. But before that, I want to mention something also very important. We can go back to recruiting and select Twitter or maybe stack overflow or get help to get targeted e-mails for developers and programmers. So into that, as an example, the same thing I would say United States, I would say as CEO and click on find out why people get this query and us search here.

OK, I'm not a robber and go to the end of this search query and Gmail dot com enter very nice. The same operation controls he go to email extractor control. We extract e-mails and ask them 262 emails, e-mails. Let's remove duplicates to see if there's any duplicates. Very nice. No duplicates.

So now we have our e-mail list we need now to validate it. Now you have two methods. You can use my super email validator, but you know, you can validate like Yahoo! Or Hotmail emails and so on. So as a cold email marketer, you collect like 80, 100 emails and so on. You can simply copy the emails and you can go to my free email address validator. Just paste the emails and check this. If any data is like any premium email service, it validates all the emails has up to 90 percent accuracy and validates everything for free. 

So we can just validate the e-mails and create an Excel sheet, copy the e-mails and organize them and your PC and then you can start sending cold e-mails. I hope that somehow. Simple. So go to Super Tuesday. You will find the email text extraction tool and the email validation tool, and soon we will have the bulk email validation, which will be the only free bulk email validation on the Internet that gives accurate results. So always stay tuned and follow up my videos. Subscribe to my channel to get every new update. 

And by the way, at Super Tuesday as my new platform for digital marketers, you will find a lot of free SEO and digital marketing tools. Go there and enjoy the free stuff. We have a YouTube killer tools as your tools. And every month I will publish your thoughts on this awesome platform. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel now and every week. Don't forget to read a book on books and more the blog.

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