Facebook Ads Retargeting New Tip: Target Your YouTube Channel Audience with Facebook Ads !

Facebook Ads Retargeting New Tip: Target Your YouTube Channel Audience with Facebook Ads !

Facebook Ads Retargeting New Tip: Target Your YouTube Channel Audience with Facebook Ads !


The most important factor for a successful Facebook ads campaign is targeting and more precisely Facebook retargeting. What do we embody targeting and how to retarget specific people like your YouTube followers your YouTube audience. You can see here my channel I have around 20,000 subscribers. It's not that big deal. But if you go here to my platform


As you can see I have thousands and thousands of clicks on my YouTube videos. Do you know that I can Target those people with Facebook ads to get the most out of my ads on Facebook this what we are going to see in this video if you are a beginner and Facebook ads a professional Facebook ads, I think what you will hear that trick in this video the simple tip in this video you have never heard before about so stay tuned.





Hi everyone. I'm Hassan from adjudicate and I'm very happy to be with you in this new video. Please don't forget if you are a new follower subscribe now to my channel tell notifications like the video to get every new update almost almost every day. So let's start together. I don't like wasting time what you are going to cover in this video Simply. I will start by explaining. What is Facebook it?



A good thing and Facebook pixels and how to install it and just one or two minutes for those beginners who don't know about Facebook retargeting and I will go direct and explain the concept of retargeting people who are following YouTube channel or any other platform. I explain the topic then I will show you another example on my blog and on my channel and how I Target my YouTube audience through Facebook ads. So let's start together. What is Facebook?



Book retargeting if you go here to Facebook to create an ad, let's say we select as traffic and then click on continue anything now, you know, one of the important options to set as the audience the target audience and it is the most important factor for any successful ad so here you can select the countries as an example simply here. You can edit the location and select the countries you want the age the gender



You can also go detail targeting and other this and add some interest demographics and behaviors and so on so we can Target specific audience using Facebook analysis and Facebook insights. But if you go now here to create and you we have something called custom audience if we click on this custom audience, you will see we have multiple options like using a source a website app activity customer list of



Like gravity and so on. So when we create a custom audience simply we are using Facebook retargeting. What do you mean anyone as an example who visits my blog I can monitor this and retarget this visitor. I don't need to know his email whatever. I just need to install something called a Facebook pixel. If we go here to the Facebook events manager and then click on connect data.


Horses and then you can select a website as an example and click get started and then use a Facebook pixel, which is a simple piece of code that you can install on your website. So here's an example. Let's say the first pixel and then you enter the website name and my case. That's a the blog and paste it here click continue.



So we'll have this window here. It says install code manually it just copy the pixel code. So it's a piece of code you go to your website as an example here in WordPress. You can go to a plug-in called answer to the Zone Footers and then you can simply paste.



Let's with a little bit and you can simply paste the Facebook pixel code here. You can see I have already won. This is the Facebook pixel code paste it inside my WordPress website in this video. I don't want to waste your time and this detail set up that somehow simple and we have a lot of videos on YouTube on the internet you toriel's on how to install the Facebook pixel. So simply the Facebook pixel is a piece of code you install on your website so you can monitor and track



Q web visitors. So if anyone visit my website my blog I can retarget him with my Facebook ad using a custom audience and then select a website as an example.



And in my case, I have a lot of pixels here. I can select one. You can see here my YouTube visitors and that's what I'm going to show you in this video how to retarget your YouTube visitors, you know, we can install a specific code on YouTube. So how we can Target our YouTube audience. That's what I'm going to show you in this video. So please stay tuned can see I can select this all is an example from absolute power tools and then create audience and Target those people who visited



My website so this simply Facebook retargeting and Facebook pixels is to Target people Upon A Certain action. You can see here in create a new custom audience. You can Target people on app activity or if you have a custom list or people who are acting on Facebook like watch your videos, maybe up and your leads form and so on so you re Target people who did a certain action like visiting your website or maybe purchasing a product or whatever. So this



simply Facebook retargeting and Facebook pixel. I think the idea is somehow so simple. I don't want to waste more time on this. Let's go to the main point on how to retarget our YouTube audience or anyone who are visiting a certain website that we have no control over my main goal my main example here and this channel is YouTube videos. So how I can Target people who are watching my YouTube videos here on my



This is really very important because people who are following my your videos knows you and maybe love your content. So they have a high chance to purchase your premium Services when they see the ad on Facebook. There's really very important. If you have worked before with Facebook ads, you know, I'm talking about the power of this tip this secret trick. So how to do this how to track your YouTube viewers with a



Pixel simply the simple trick is to use a short URL with Facebook tracking option. What is this? If we go here to my system my short linking system service, you can see I have a lot of short links here that and you can see thousands of clicks thousands of people clicking on my videos to watch my videos. So simply I can track those people with this URL



Earning service. Let's see about example. Here is my channel. Let's open any video like this one here.



Okay, let's go down. You will see on YouTube. I'm linking to my other videos here my other playlists my other videos and so on you can see here. And if you notice I'm using a short link and not a YouTube, url why simply to track these URLs to track number of links to track the geolocation and everything about these users and these links and



In the same time I can Implement a Facebook pixel inside this short link how let's see in my system linked me. Let's open a link for now.



You will see here on the left. I have something called tracking pixels. You can open it and then you can select an example Facebook or any other platform and my case you are talking about Facebook and then enter the pixel name if you're going to a Facebook pixels.


You will see like I would say now test pixel anything and you'll enter the pixel tag, so you can go to the pixel tag. If you go copy the code open Notes bad and let's see and paste the code here and go down. You will see this. The ideal is the tag of this Facebook pixel. You can see it here also can just copy this ctrl-c go here and paste the pixel tag and click add pixel.



So simple that if you go back to dashboard.



All this URL we opened it and you create a new short URL you can go down and the darkening pixel. You can select the test pixel or your own Facebook pixel and update the link what will happen now anyone who clicks on these URLs will be tracked by Facebook. You can see here in the ads manager if you create a new audience you see here if you go to a website.



You see here. I have the actually Kate YouTube visitors. So those who clicked on my YouTube links are tracked and can be targeted with Facebook ads this really very important in my case. I have on 20,000 subscribers. I have thousands of clicks, but if you have a bigger Channel, you will have a larger audience and you can really promote your services to your YouTube audience in this way and believe me. This will really make a change in your Facebook ads.



And your conversions because people know you love your content. They are willing to pay your premium services on Facebook.



So this is the simple trick is to use a short link URL service that has the tracking option the Facebook tracking pixel option now in my case, I'm using my own service link dot me before I move on and tell you about this service or how to use other services. I want to give you another example, if you go here to my blog as an example and open like this guide how to install mail. Where's email marketing system?



Open this if you go down here like this link by from here anyone who clicks on this link by from here will open my short link, then we'll go to the website, which is called Canyon 2 by the script. So in this way also I can track people who are interested in buying this script from this website. You see the power of this trick you can monitor people going to



Any website interested in any website? So in this way, I can monitor those people and promote something similar a similar service to them using Facebook ads. So these are two examples on how to Target your YouTube audience who clicks on your YouTube URLs and who opens any URL on your blog targeting any website. So this is how things work now. I want to talk about the URL shortening services.



And how to get the cheapest one to start with as I told you in my case. I'm using my own link dot me service. There's my own service and I like to be honest with you. I just bolted from code Canyon it costs around $33. I got a server and I host this service and I used for my own business and in the same way. I am selling the service for anyone who is interested in I provide the service for around six point nine nine four silver plan and 8.9.



Mine for gold plan and if you want to go with yearly you can go 40 percent discount as I told you I want to be honest with you. If you want you can go by yourself by the script from here and hosted on your own server. If you have some bad technical background and you can maintain the script by yourself and do like me have your own servers and sell the service for others. It's up to you. So there's the two options you can buy from here or get the script and hosted.



On your own server also to help you more. I provide the service with a lifetime access for only $89 F you want so this is the third option. If you don't like recurring payments, you can get the service for $89 and have your own full unlimited premium URL shortener with Facebook tracking option and all other URL shortening service options. You can read the features here and see how this helps you and your online business, by the way.



I have a video on my channel explaining the power of URL shortening and online business and how it helps you to track your users. Anyway, now you have also other option to go with other services like bitly which starting like $29 or $35 per month can go service like maybe Rebrand Lee which thoughts like $29 per month. Really? I don't know if these Services has



The Facebook talking option. Please check by yourself. If you want to go with these services, but you can see my yourself. The cheapest plan is around 29 to 32 dollars. And this is really a lot higher than link. Let me service or if you want to go with your own service on your own server. So it's up to you. Anyway, you can select any URL shortening service and go with it.



You can see this one named t2m starts with 10 dollars per month. But really I don't know if they have Facebook option Facebook talking option. So please check before you buy any service or you can search Google or any service that you feel comfortable with. So you have all these four options go with my service get your own script or get the lifetime access or choose any service you want on the internet you feel comfortable with just ensure they have the Facebook tracking options inside this service.



So that's it this how you can track your YouTube audience or anyone who clicks on your link with Facebook pixels and the target with custom audiences on Facebook. Don't forget subscribe now to my channel to get every new update almost every day read a book now on books and not a Blog read a book every day in 10 minutes only to boost your knowledge and change your life. See you later.





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