Anthony Davis has a HUGE PROBLEM that will RUIN the Lakers [NBA BUBBLE 2020]

Anthony Davis has a HUGE PROBLEM that will RUIN the Lakers [NBA BUBBLE 2020]

Anthony Davis has a HUGE PROBLEM that will RUIN the Lakers [NBA BUBBLE 2020]



Avery Bradley opt out. It's not the end of the world. Raison. Rondo gets injured that is nothing. They said as long as ad and LeBron are healthy the Lakers are good and I believed them. But what if the only thing they can actually rely on is LeBron James only 54% of one seeds make the NBA Finals that means almost half the time. The number one seed is upset in the first three rounds in this video. We're breaking down the number one reason the one seated Lakers will



I'll not make the NBA Finals. We've learned a lot in the bubble so far for the Lakers. It is a really bad sign. Hey, it's Kasey. Welcome to am Hoops hit subscribe and hit notification Bells because we come out with five videos per week on the channel. You should be a subscriber the videos Monday through Friday always drop at five eastern also just came out with an which is going to have all of the shirts and hoodies that we normally talk about here on the channel put a lot of work.



There's hopefully you'll see so am go check it out and let me know what you think. So the Lakers have excuses for why Anthony Davis was so passive in the loss to the Raptors. I mean, you only scored 7 points. So Frank Vogel ad and LeBron had the answers ready and what they said was he actually played great. They double-team dady and he made the right reads it the Lakers didn't shoot 10 440 from 3. It would be different and that is true, but it's also a convenient.



Ian excuse you're telling me that ad is a top-five player and he can be taken out of the game like that. You're saying that a team with two top five players are controlled by the other team and not the other way around. No, the Lakers are just covering for Anthony Davis because this is becoming a trend in the win over the Clippers 80 scored zero points in the fourth quarter and the three Clipper games before that. He scored four four and two points in the fourth quarter. Again. This is a trend.



AG is a passive player when the lights get too bright and before you slam me in the comments for this. I'm not saying he won't be a killer later on. I mean, he's just 27 years old. I'm not saying I know his future. I'm just saying these are the facts eight years in the NBA so far. We have not seen it a d does not have now what makes the best Championship level players Seven Years in New Orleans. He led the Pelicans to the playoffs twice. They won one series



That's not good enough. LeBron didn't have Superstar teammates early on he was in the East but the Cavs missed the playoffs the first two years then made it every year after that until he left. They won a series every single time. They made the Conference Finals twice and the finals in 2007 all that and we still called LeBron James a choker. That's the thing Laker fans will say I'm a hater but really I'm just stating the facts until ad prove.



He is a winner in big games. He doesn't have it and you all know what it looks like. I mean the guy with the most it ever just had a 10 hour documentary made about him. We saw it over and over in Michael. Jordan's eyes the big knock on him was he pushed his teammates too far? Sometimes he punched Steve Kerr in the face Kobe had it Tim Duncan even soft-spoken, but you did not want to mess with him in a big game. LeBron had to learn.



An it but eventually he did that Killer Instinct has not shown up yet though for Anthony Davis, but I know people are going to have even more excuses for a d so let's get back to these recent struggles. Okay, first off. Yes. I know he starts the fourth quarter on the bench. So it affects his fourth quarter scoring. I also know the Lakers Shooters have been really bad. I mean Danny Green kcp and Markieff Morris had started three from 24 from downtown. That's bad. But still we need to stop making



Excuses for a guy you tell me is a top-five player double-teams is not an excuse to score 7 points against the Raptors. There's no excuse for a top-five guy to disappear in the fourth quarter against the Clippers. I mean if your Shooters are going 10 from 24 from downtown stop passing to them take the memo. They're cold today. It's gonna happen. I hate to break it to Laker fans. Danny Green, especially, I mean if you followed the Spurs for a few years, you know that Danny Green is a super strict.



Shooter so if plan a isn't working go to plan B and it wasn't all double-teams. By the way. What is this? What is this? Why not be aggressive there and not dribble out and pass 80 needs to take over if plan a isn't working. And by the way, if you're honest doesn't take over in big games again in the playoffs. We are going to question his ability to do so, we aren't just going to be like oh, but they double-team Dianna. So never mind. He's off the hook.



Look, I know we're going to say he can't take over games. He's passive. He's not a winner and the biggest spots. He's a choker again. These are just the facts ad shoots 53 percent in the first three quarters and forty percent in the fourth quarter. And yes, it is a fact that the Lakers like to go to LeBron James in the fourth quarter, is that because ad is too passive or is it because LeBron thrives in that role either way even that is not an excuse scoring too.



For four and zero points in the fourth against the Clippers is bad. No matter how you cut it LeBron takes over in the fourth, but he doesn't take over that much and that Clippers stat is really what concerns me not even the seven points against the Raptors because 80 should dominate the Clippers. I mean they have an answer for LeBron with two of the best Wing defenders in the NBA, but the Clippers have no answer for Anthony Davis and we see that in the first three quarters. He was able to score 34



Four Points in the bubble in the first three quarters against the cliffs he shot 17 free throws, they found him so much because they have no one to Garden. There's no other explanation here for the biggest moments of the game fraidy something happens upstairs. So far. Mentally, he doesn't have it. Now. I am going to leave the door open for being wrong 80 could go out there and prove me wrong and I hope for Laker fan sake he does that he goes out there. He comes up huge late and big games wins playoff game.



 And if he does that I will come on here and say I am so sorry. I was at dead wrong. Like I might have to do about Bulbul or the Raptors of the Sixers. But so far he hasn't shown it and secretly even though he won't say so LeBron James is seriously worried about this. He is 35 years old. This is his last best chance to win a title earlier. I said LeBron learned it. He doesn't have time to let ad figure it out in the playoffs, but I want to make one thing clear.



ER I really respect Anthony Davis for joining the LA Lakers to begin with because now we are going to judge him he was safe in his small Market on the Pelicans the media could always say oh that ad he's a top-five player if they would only get him some help. Well now he has helped making this move was a risk to his legacy. If ad can't win now we'll say he is not a championship level player. He'll be just like the million other dudes in NBA history that have



But not trophies guys like Allen Iverson or Tracy McGrady or James Harden now just a notch below the greatest players of all time. Now, I have no doubt that ad is hearing all this and so are his teammates he is going to have some really big games coming up whatever his points prop is according to Vegas for his next game. I would take the over I bet he dominates but at this point there is nothing ad can do that will show us he has what it takes until playoff time. Now if all this is



Is true in ad really is this passive player we've seen in the bubble or his entire career. Then I think the Lakers won't even make it past the Clippers if they face them in the Western Conference finals. And if that happens then LeBron chose the wrong starts he made to join up with tons of talent. Yes without that Killer Instinct to close the deal support am hoops and click subscribe. Don't miss a daily MBA video.



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