HC directs government schools to provide gadgets, internet package to poor kids for online classes.

HC directs government schools to provide gadgets, internet package to poor kids for online classes.

HC directs government schools to provide gadgets, internet package to poor kids for online classes.

Delhi HC directs private unaided schools to supply gadgets, internet connection to poor kids for online classes during COVID-19.

HC directs government schools like Kendriya Vidyalayas to provide gadgets, internet package to poor kids for online classes.

HC says private unaided schools can claim reimbursement for providing gadgets, internet to poor kids from the state.

Freely generation, how to collect targeted email addresses and validate them totally for free.

Freely generation, how to collect targeted email addresses and validate them totally for free.

Freely generation, how to collect targeted email addresses and validate them totally for free.

I have something interesting for you. Yesterday I lost my website, books and more. I believe that reading books is one of the main factors of success in life, whether in business or in your personal social life. So I published this website where you will find book summaries and you can read books and minutes. So every week you can read multiple books simply with no time anyway. 

Now let's start over and learn how we can scrape and collect e-mails without any tools totally for free and validate them. Simply go to a website called Recruiting Dot Net. This website simply will generate a Google search query. Let's start and see how this works. Go to lengthen section here and select the target you want. 

Let's say we want to target people in the United States and the job as SEO specialists. Anything you want just said the job title we can search also other keywords exclude and so on. Now let's give a default and click find the right people. It will give you this. You are just controversy or competition. L got your browser and pasted your URL and open it. Very nice. Now simply to find e-mails just right here, double code at Gmail dot com. And this way we will find all emails ending with Gmail like enter and here we are.

 You can see now we have e-mails inside the search results before we continue. There is a very important point you have to know about. If you look at my page here, I have around one hundred results and not done like in your case. So before you start searching and doing this, you need to go to settings here and then go to search settings and be sure and the results per page to set it to 100 results, which will make it easier for you to collect 100 emails per search so you have less pages. How to extract them? 

Let's see. Just try to control a then control see to copy everything or the text here and go to my awesome tool email text extraction on tools dot com. So we've got our super tools, email, email, text extraction and then pay the text here. So simple click extract emails and boom. You can see we have so many emails inside our box. Very nice. Let's do it again.

Let's go down here to the second search page. Control a control see. Just based here extract.

And awesome, 114 e-mails, let's go back here and let's say search for Yahoo dot com search, copy everything, then go here based and click extract. And 183 images, we are extracting images from Google with whatever domain we want. Now we have the e-mails. Let's click on Remove Duplicates to keep all the unique images. Very nice. Now we have 177 images. You can keep doing this and get all the e-mails you want at all and a specific need or target. 

Okay, so now we have the e-mails. We need to validate it. But before that, I want to mention something also very important. We can go back to recruiting and select Twitter or maybe stack overflow or get help to get targeted e-mails for developers and programmers. So into that, as an example, the same thing I would say United States, I would say as CEO and click on find out why people get this query and us search here.

OK, I'm not a robber and go to the end of this search query and Gmail dot com enter very nice. The same operation controls he go to email extractor control. We extract e-mails and ask them 262 emails, e-mails. Let's remove duplicates to see if there's any duplicates. Very nice. No duplicates.

So now we have our e-mail list we need now to validate it. Now you have two methods. You can use my super email validator, but you know, you can validate like Yahoo! Or Hotmail emails and so on. So as a cold email marketer, you collect like 80, 100 emails and so on. You can simply copy the emails and you can go to my free email address validator. Just paste the emails and check this. If any data is like any premium email service, it validates all the emails has up to 90 percent accuracy and validates everything for free. 

So we can just validate the e-mails and create an Excel sheet, copy the e-mails and organize them and your PC and then you can start sending cold e-mails. I hope that somehow. Simple. So go to Super Tuesday. You will find the email text extraction tool and the email validation tool, and soon we will have the bulk email validation, which will be the only free bulk email validation on the Internet that gives accurate results. So always stay tuned and follow up my videos. Subscribe to my channel to get every new update. 

And by the way, at Super Tuesday as my new platform for digital marketers, you will find a lot of free SEO and digital marketing tools. Go there and enjoy the free stuff. We have a YouTube killer tools as your tools. And every month I will publish your thoughts on this awesome platform. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel now and every week. Don't forget to read a book on books and more the blog.

Trump says coronavirus is under control in US

Trump says coronavirus is under control in US 

you may ask about the current virus which is you know very well on to control the market.we virtue people with it and the people that you have it in.locations i have not heard anything other maybe there's something new his for two days i have a Beijing.you can much of that news of very much news because it's been very.all income per we look opportunity wait a lot of meetings .you know but the people getting better you're all getting better


on quite a virus specifically mr president twenty fourteen when the evil situation was very conserving to so many Americans.what we did event impatient will we plot to the us and a few days now i know for sure that had leaders are incompetent it all caps wrote keep them out of here.or than twenty americans have now been brought back to the united states.with coronavirus by your own measured does that mean that you're government has been incompetent no [UH] imagination.

we know between you've ebola and given a virus big big difference it's like day and night and i thought that we should bring them back there americans we should bring them back with the ebola it.it's very explosive , very terrible we're making tremendous try jenny bollen with the things that we're doing is know these [SMACK] memory glass think you're lives and to the question but there's a tremendous as a vast difference in bringing special

actually in around fourteen was a fourteen or well and at that time nobody had ever . I heard of the what were they conceived of something where you're basically people would disintegrate and . we're still working on bowl with the people they are always of the lack of these [SMACK] highly got right now we're doing a .  we're doing a lot of things having to do with the problem went for getting about . so with that you're horrible thing but we have that now very much under control other than certain parts of the congo where to having war and we can't get it



Anthony Davis has a HUGE PROBLEM that will RUIN the Lakers [NBA BUBBLE 2020]

Anthony Davis has a HUGE PROBLEM that will RUIN the Lakers [NBA BUBBLE 2020]

Anthony Davis has a HUGE PROBLEM that will RUIN the Lakers [NBA BUBBLE 2020]



Avery Bradley opt out. It's not the end of the world. Raison. Rondo gets injured that is nothing. They said as long as ad and LeBron are healthy the Lakers are good and I believed them. But what if the only thing they can actually rely on is LeBron James only 54% of one seeds make the NBA Finals that means almost half the time. The number one seed is upset in the first three rounds in this video. We're breaking down the number one reason the one seated Lakers will



I'll not make the NBA Finals. We've learned a lot in the bubble so far for the Lakers. It is a really bad sign. Hey, it's Kasey. Welcome to am Hoops hit subscribe and hit notification Bells because we come out with five videos per week on the channel. You should be a subscriber the videos Monday through Friday always drop at five eastern also just came out with an Hoops.com which is going to have all of the shirts and hoodies that we normally talk about here on the channel put a lot of work.



There's hopefully you'll see so am Hoops.com go check it out and let me know what you think. So the Lakers have excuses for why Anthony Davis was so passive in the loss to the Raptors. I mean, you only scored 7 points. So Frank Vogel ad and LeBron had the answers ready and what they said was he actually played great. They double-team dady and he made the right reads it the Lakers didn't shoot 10 440 from 3. It would be different and that is true, but it's also a convenient.



Ian excuse you're telling me that ad is a top-five player and he can be taken out of the game like that. You're saying that a team with two top five players are controlled by the other team and not the other way around. No, the Lakers are just covering for Anthony Davis because this is becoming a trend in the win over the Clippers 80 scored zero points in the fourth quarter and the three Clipper games before that. He scored four four and two points in the fourth quarter. Again. This is a trend.



AG is a passive player when the lights get too bright and before you slam me in the comments for this. I'm not saying he won't be a killer later on. I mean, he's just 27 years old. I'm not saying I know his future. I'm just saying these are the facts eight years in the NBA so far. We have not seen it a d does not have now what makes the best Championship level players Seven Years in New Orleans. He led the Pelicans to the playoffs twice. They won one series



That's not good enough. LeBron didn't have Superstar teammates early on he was in the East but the Cavs missed the playoffs the first two years then made it every year after that until he left. They won a series every single time. They made the Conference Finals twice and the finals in 2007 all that and we still called LeBron James a choker. That's the thing Laker fans will say I'm a hater but really I'm just stating the facts until ad prove.



He is a winner in big games. He doesn't have it and you all know what it looks like. I mean the guy with the most it ever just had a 10 hour documentary made about him. We saw it over and over in Michael. Jordan's eyes the big knock on him was he pushed his teammates too far? Sometimes he punched Steve Kerr in the face Kobe had it Tim Duncan even soft-spoken, but you did not want to mess with him in a big game. LeBron had to learn.



An it but eventually he did that Killer Instinct has not shown up yet though for Anthony Davis, but I know people are going to have even more excuses for a d so let's get back to these recent struggles. Okay, first off. Yes. I know he starts the fourth quarter on the bench. So it affects his fourth quarter scoring. I also know the Lakers Shooters have been really bad. I mean Danny Green kcp and Markieff Morris had started three from 24 from downtown. That's bad. But still we need to stop making



Excuses for a guy you tell me is a top-five player double-teams is not an excuse to score 7 points against the Raptors. There's no excuse for a top-five guy to disappear in the fourth quarter against the Clippers. I mean if your Shooters are going 10 from 24 from downtown stop passing to them take the memo. They're cold today. It's gonna happen. I hate to break it to Laker fans. Danny Green, especially, I mean if you followed the Spurs for a few years, you know that Danny Green is a super strict.



Shooter so if plan a isn't working go to plan B and it wasn't all double-teams. By the way. What is this? What is this? Why not be aggressive there and not dribble out and pass 80 needs to take over if plan a isn't working. And by the way, if you're honest doesn't take over in big games again in the playoffs. We are going to question his ability to do so, we aren't just going to be like oh, but they double-team Dianna. So never mind. He's off the hook.



Look, I know we're going to say he can't take over games. He's passive. He's not a winner and the biggest spots. He's a choker again. These are just the facts ad shoots 53 percent in the first three quarters and forty percent in the fourth quarter. And yes, it is a fact that the Lakers like to go to LeBron James in the fourth quarter, is that because ad is too passive or is it because LeBron thrives in that role either way even that is not an excuse scoring too.



For four and zero points in the fourth against the Clippers is bad. No matter how you cut it LeBron takes over in the fourth, but he doesn't take over that much and that Clippers stat is really what concerns me not even the seven points against the Raptors because 80 should dominate the Clippers. I mean they have an answer for LeBron with two of the best Wing defenders in the NBA, but the Clippers have no answer for Anthony Davis and we see that in the first three quarters. He was able to score 34



Four Points in the bubble in the first three quarters against the cliffs he shot 17 free throws, they found him so much because they have no one to Garden. There's no other explanation here for the biggest moments of the game fraidy something happens upstairs. So far. Mentally, he doesn't have it. Now. I am going to leave the door open for being wrong 80 could go out there and prove me wrong and I hope for Laker fan sake he does that he goes out there. He comes up huge late and big games wins playoff game.



 And if he does that I will come on here and say I am so sorry. I was at dead wrong. Like I might have to do about Bulbul or the Raptors of the Sixers. But so far he hasn't shown it and secretly even though he won't say so LeBron James is seriously worried about this. He is 35 years old. This is his last best chance to win a title earlier. I said LeBron learned it. He doesn't have time to let ad figure it out in the playoffs, but I want to make one thing clear.



ER I really respect Anthony Davis for joining the LA Lakers to begin with because now we are going to judge him he was safe in his small Market on the Pelicans the media could always say oh that ad he's a top-five player if they would only get him some help. Well now he has helped making this move was a risk to his legacy. If ad can't win now we'll say he is not a championship level player. He'll be just like the million other dudes in NBA history that have



But not trophies guys like Allen Iverson or Tracy McGrady or James Harden now just a notch below the greatest players of all time. Now, I have no doubt that ad is hearing all this and so are his teammates he is going to have some really big games coming up whatever his points prop is according to Vegas for his next game. I would take the over I bet he dominates but at this point there is nothing ad can do that will show us he has what it takes until playoff time. Now if all this is



Is true in ad really is this passive player we've seen in the bubble or his entire career. Then I think the Lakers won't even make it past the Clippers if they face them in the Western Conference finals. And if that happens then LeBron chose the wrong starts he made to join up with tons of talent. Yes without that Killer Instinct to close the deal support am hoops and click subscribe. Don't miss a daily MBA video.



Facebook Ads Retargeting New Tip: Target Your YouTube Channel Audience with Facebook Ads !

Facebook Ads Retargeting New Tip: Target Your YouTube Channel Audience with Facebook Ads !

Facebook Ads Retargeting New Tip: Target Your YouTube Channel Audience with Facebook Ads !


The most important factor for a successful Facebook ads campaign is targeting and more precisely Facebook retargeting. What do we embody targeting and how to retarget specific people like your YouTube followers your YouTube audience. You can see here my channel I have around 20,000 subscribers. It's not that big deal. But if you go here to my platform


As you can see I have thousands and thousands of clicks on my YouTube videos. Do you know that I can Target those people with Facebook ads to get the most out of my ads on Facebook this what we are going to see in this video if you are a beginner and Facebook ads a professional Facebook ads, I think what you will hear that trick in this video the simple tip in this video you have never heard before about so stay tuned.





Hi everyone. I'm Hassan from adjudicate and I'm very happy to be with you in this new video. Please don't forget if you are a new follower subscribe now to my channel tell notifications like the video to get every new update almost almost every day. So let's start together. I don't like wasting time what you are going to cover in this video Simply. I will start by explaining. What is Facebook it?



A good thing and Facebook pixels and how to install it and just one or two minutes for those beginners who don't know about Facebook retargeting and I will go direct and explain the concept of retargeting people who are following YouTube channel or any other platform. I explain the topic then I will show you another example on my blog and on my channel and how I Target my YouTube audience through Facebook ads. So let's start together. What is Facebook?



Book retargeting if you go here to Facebook to create an ad, let's say we select as traffic and then click on continue anything now, you know, one of the important options to set as the audience the target audience and it is the most important factor for any successful ad so here you can select the countries as an example simply here. You can edit the location and select the countries you want the age the gender



You can also go detail targeting and other this and add some interest demographics and behaviors and so on so we can Target specific audience using Facebook analysis and Facebook insights. But if you go now here to create and you we have something called custom audience if we click on this custom audience, you will see we have multiple options like using a source a website app activity customer list of



Like gravity and so on. So when we create a custom audience simply we are using Facebook retargeting. What do you mean anyone as an example who visits my blog I can monitor this and retarget this visitor. I don't need to know his email whatever. I just need to install something called a Facebook pixel. If we go here to the Facebook events manager and then click on connect data.


Horses and then you can select a website as an example and click get started and then use a Facebook pixel, which is a simple piece of code that you can install on your website. So here's an example. Let's say the first pixel and then you enter the website name and my case. That's a the blog and paste it here click continue.



So we'll have this window here. It says install code manually it just copy the pixel code. So it's a piece of code you go to your website as an example here in WordPress. You can go to a plug-in called answer to the Zone Footers and then you can simply paste.



Let's with a little bit and you can simply paste the Facebook pixel code here. You can see I have already won. This is the Facebook pixel code paste it inside my WordPress website in this video. I don't want to waste your time and this detail set up that somehow simple and we have a lot of videos on YouTube on the internet you toriel's on how to install the Facebook pixel. So simply the Facebook pixel is a piece of code you install on your website so you can monitor and track



Q web visitors. So if anyone visit my website my blog I can retarget him with my Facebook ad using a custom audience and then select a website as an example.



And in my case, I have a lot of pixels here. I can select one. You can see here my YouTube visitors and that's what I'm going to show you in this video how to retarget your YouTube visitors, you know, we can install a specific code on YouTube. So how we can Target our YouTube audience. That's what I'm going to show you in this video. So please stay tuned can see I can select this all is an example from absolute power tools and then create audience and Target those people who visited



My website so this simply Facebook retargeting and Facebook pixels is to Target people Upon A Certain action. You can see here in create a new custom audience. You can Target people on app activity or if you have a custom list or people who are acting on Facebook like watch your videos, maybe up and your leads form and so on so you re Target people who did a certain action like visiting your website or maybe purchasing a product or whatever. So this



simply Facebook retargeting and Facebook pixel. I think the idea is somehow so simple. I don't want to waste more time on this. Let's go to the main point on how to retarget our YouTube audience or anyone who are visiting a certain website that we have no control over my main goal my main example here and this channel is YouTube videos. So how I can Target people who are watching my YouTube videos here on my



This is really very important because people who are following my your videos knows you and maybe love your content. So they have a high chance to purchase your premium Services when they see the ad on Facebook. There's really very important. If you have worked before with Facebook ads, you know, I'm talking about the power of this tip this secret trick. So how to do this how to track your YouTube viewers with a



Pixel simply the simple trick is to use a short URL with Facebook tracking option. What is this? If we go here to my system my short linking system service, you can see I have a lot of short links here that and you can see thousands of clicks thousands of people clicking on my videos to watch my videos. So simply I can track those people with this URL



Earning service. Let's see about example. Here is my channel. Let's open any video like this one here.



Okay, let's go down. You will see on YouTube. I'm linking to my other videos here my other playlists my other videos and so on you can see here. And if you notice I'm using a short link and not a YouTube, url why simply to track these URLs to track number of links to track the geolocation and everything about these users and these links and



In the same time I can Implement a Facebook pixel inside this short link how let's see in my system linked me. Let's open a link for now.



You will see here on the left. I have something called tracking pixels. You can open it and then you can select an example Facebook or any other platform and my case you are talking about Facebook and then enter the pixel name if you're going to a Facebook pixels.


You will see like I would say now test pixel anything and you'll enter the pixel tag, so you can go to the pixel tag. If you go copy the code open Notes bad and let's see and paste the code here and go down. You will see this. The ideal is the tag of this Facebook pixel. You can see it here also can just copy this ctrl-c go here and paste the pixel tag and click add pixel.



So simple that if you go back to dashboard.



All this URL we opened it and you create a new short URL you can go down and the darkening pixel. You can select the test pixel or your own Facebook pixel and update the link what will happen now anyone who clicks on these URLs will be tracked by Facebook. You can see here in the ads manager if you create a new audience you see here if you go to a website.



You see here. I have the actually Kate YouTube visitors. So those who clicked on my YouTube links are tracked and can be targeted with Facebook ads this really very important in my case. I have on 20,000 subscribers. I have thousands of clicks, but if you have a bigger Channel, you will have a larger audience and you can really promote your services to your YouTube audience in this way and believe me. This will really make a change in your Facebook ads.



And your conversions because people know you love your content. They are willing to pay your premium services on Facebook.



So this is the simple trick is to use a short link URL service that has the tracking option the Facebook tracking pixel option now in my case, I'm using my own service link dot me before I move on and tell you about this service or how to use other services. I want to give you another example, if you go here to my blog as an example and open like this guide how to install mail. Where's email marketing system?



Open this if you go down here like this link by from here anyone who clicks on this link by from here will open my short link, then we'll go to the website, which is called Canyon 2 by the script. So in this way also I can track people who are interested in buying this script from this website. You see the power of this trick you can monitor people going to



Any website interested in any website? So in this way, I can monitor those people and promote something similar a similar service to them using Facebook ads. So these are two examples on how to Target your YouTube audience who clicks on your YouTube URLs and who opens any URL on your blog targeting any website. So this is how things work now. I want to talk about the URL shortening services.



And how to get the cheapest one to start with as I told you in my case. I'm using my own link dot me service. There's my own service and I like to be honest with you. I just bolted from code Canyon it costs around $33. I got a server and I host this service and I used for my own business and in the same way. I am selling the service for anyone who is interested in I provide the service for around six point nine nine four silver plan and 8.9.



Mine for gold plan and if you want to go with yearly you can go 40 percent discount as I told you I want to be honest with you. If you want you can go by yourself by the script from here and hosted on your own server. If you have some bad technical background and you can maintain the script by yourself and do like me have your own servers and sell the service for others. It's up to you. So there's the two options you can buy from here or get the script and hosted.



On your own server also to help you more. I provide the service with a lifetime access for only $89 F you want so this is the third option. If you don't like recurring payments, you can get the service for $89 and have your own full unlimited premium URL shortener with Facebook tracking option and all other URL shortening service options. You can read the features here and see how this helps you and your online business, by the way.



I have a video on my channel explaining the power of URL shortening and online business and how it helps you to track your users. Anyway, now you have also other option to go with other services like bitly which starting like $29 or $35 per month can go service like maybe Rebrand Lee which thoughts like $29 per month. Really? I don't know if these Services has



The Facebook talking option. Please check by yourself. If you want to go with these services, but you can see my yourself. The cheapest plan is around 29 to 32 dollars. And this is really a lot higher than link. Let me service or if you want to go with your own service on your own server. So it's up to you. Anyway, you can select any URL shortening service and go with it.



You can see this one named t2m starts with 10 dollars per month. But really I don't know if they have Facebook option Facebook talking option. So please check before you buy any service or you can search Google or any service that you feel comfortable with. So you have all these four options go with my service get your own script or get the lifetime access or choose any service you want on the internet you feel comfortable with just ensure they have the Facebook tracking options inside this service.



So that's it this how you can track your YouTube audience or anyone who clicks on your link with Facebook pixels and the target with custom audiences on Facebook. Don't forget subscribe now to my channel to get every new update almost every day read a book now on books and not a Blog read a book every day in 10 minutes only to boost your knowledge and change your life. See you later.





🔴 Live । Mamata Banerjee speech at the historic 21st July Shahid Divas

🔴 Live । Mamata Banerjee speech at the historic 21st July Shahid Divas

Live Speech of West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee on the historic day 21st july 2020 starting soon. today on 2 pm mamata banerjee will go live . and you can watch this live speech on our website just visit this page . and stay with us..

Prachesta Scheme Online Application Started

Prachesta Scheme Online Application Started

Prachesta Scheme Online Application Started
Prachesta Scheme

Due to coronavirus there is severe impact on indian labours. they already lost their job and faced very crucial financial crisis. 

Same situation in west bengal . To give some financial relief Mamata Banerjee annouced a scheme for such labours who lost their jobs and face financial crisis. the scheme name is Prachesta.

At first this scheme was offline mode . but due to mass agitation in some of bdo and sdo office the scheme mode was changed. 

It was now introduced in online . anyone who is industrial sector labour can apply on prachesta scheme if he lost his job and faced financial crisis.

Best Weight Loss Books 2020

Best Weight Loss Books 2020

Best Weight Loss Books 2020
how to loss weight

Best Weight Loss Books 2020 : Great news for who are willing to loss their weight. we have launched a book on how to loss weight at home ? here you can find lots of way. If you follow this you loss weight definately.

In this book ten chapters are included for you. the index page given below...


ক্রমিক নং              বিষয়                                                          পাতা নং
1.                         রোগা হওয়ার ঘরোয়া উপায়                                            3 - 13
2.                           যেসব ফল খেলে রোগা হওয়া যায়                                     14 - 19
3.                          রোগা হতে এই পাঁচটি উপায়                                                  20 - 23
4.                          রোগা হতে চান ! তরতরিয়ে মেদ ঝরবে                                   24 - 25
                             ঘরোয়া টোটকাতেই    
5.                          রোগা হতে রাতের তিনটে ডায়েট                                    26 - 29
6.                          লেবু খান সঠিক নিয়মে , অল্প সময়ে                          30 - 32
                     ওজন কমান
7.                  শত চেষ্টা করেও রোগা হচ্ছেন না ? এই                        33 - 41
                            সবজির রস খান
8.                         খাওয়া না কমিয়ে রোগা হওয়ার সহজ উপায়                    42 - 45
9.                        ওজন কমান ব্যায়াম না করে                                    46 - 50
10.                    ঘরোয়া উপায় রোগা হওয়ার কতগুলো সহজ টিপস        51 - 56

Best Weight Loss Books 2020

WB Primary TET Complete Guide

WB Primary TET Complete Guide


WB PRIMARY TET: Here we are launching a platform to help primary tet candidates. who are willing to give primary tet exam just follow our guidelines. 
we recommend you to go to regular practice. for this, we provide thousands of mock test set for you . the mock test is divided by wb primary tet syllabus.

you are well aware that wb primary tet syllabus is divided 5 section. the section is given below.

1. child psychology and pedagogy ( 30 marks )
2. Bengali language ( 30 marks )
3. English language ( 30 marks )
4. environmental studies ( 30 marks )
5. mathematics (30 marks )

we are proving an unlimited mock test set for you . just give a mock test regular basis . and you are prepared for the upcoming web primary tet exam. 

Here is a link is given below for you . just click on the below link . and you entered a heaven of wb primary tet preparation.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi address to the nations

Prime Minister Narendra Modi address to the nations

Today prime minister Narendra Modi tweet that on 3rd April 9 am address to the nation. 
In before he had come twice . first on 21st April and request to the nation to make successful Janata curfew. 
And 2nd time he had come to announce 21 day lock down period. so naturally there is a whisper what happen on 3rd April 9am ? what message provided by prime minister ? all are waiting for the movement . 
here you can live update of what Narendra mode said on 3rd April 9am. 
just click below link 

Soils of India - Indian Geography

Soils of India - Indian Geography

Soils of India - Indian Geography
Soils of India - Indian Geography

Indian council of agricultural research (ICAR) has divided Indian soils into eight major groups .


1.       They are by far the largest and the most important soil group of India. They are composed of sediments deposited by rivers and waves. Their chemical composition makes them one of the most fertile in the world. Usually deficient in nitrogen and humus ( the fertilizers are needed).
2.       2. Occupy the plains ( from Punjab to Assam) and also occur in the valleys of Narmada and Tapti in MP and Gujrat, Mahanandi in the MP and Orisa, Godawari IN A.P and Cauvery in Tamilnadu.
3.       Can be divided into Khadar(NEW ) and Bhangar(older, more clayey and kankary) alluvium.


1.       Also called Regur and is ideal for cotton crops. These soils have been formed due to the solidification of lava spread over  large areas during volcanic activity in the Deccan Plateau. Thousands of years ago.
2.       They are black due to compounds of iron and aluminum ( also because of titaniferous magnetite).
3.       Mainly  found in Deccan Plateau – Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhyapradesh, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Naru.
4.       Apart from cotton cultivation, these fertile soils are suitable for growing cereals, oilseeds, citrus fruits and vegetables, tobacco and sugarcane.
5.       They have high moisture retention level.
6.       Lack  in phosphorus, nitrogen, and organic matter,


1.       They are mainly formed due to the decomposition of ancient crystalline rocks lie granites and gneisses and from rock types rich in minerals such as iron and magnesium. the term red soil is due to the wide diffusion of iron oxides through the materials of the soils.
2.       Covers almost the whole of Tamil Naru, Karnataka , Andhra Pradesh, southeast Maharashtra, Chattisgarh, parts of Orissa, Jharkhand, and Bundelkhand.
3.       Generally deficient in nitrogen, humus, and phosphorous, but rich in potash.
4.       Suitable for rice, millets, tobacco, and vegetables ( also groundnuts and potatoes at higher elevations.)


1.       Found in typical monsoon conditions – under the condition of high temperature and heavy rainfall with alternate wet and dry periods. The alterations of the wet and dry season lead to the leaching away of siliceous matter and lime of the rocks and a soil rich in oxides of iron and aluminum compounds is left behind.
2.       Found in parts of westers ghat, eastern ghats , Rajmahal hills, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala. Orissa, West Bengal, Assam, Tamil naru, etc.
3.       Poor in nitrogen and minerals.
4.       Best for tea coffee rubber, cinchona, coco ut and suitable for rice and millet cultivation if manured.


1.       Such soils are mainly found on the hill slopes covered by forest. the formation of these soils is mainly governed by the characteristic deposition of organic matter derived from forest growth.
2.       In the Himalayan region such soils are mainly found in valley basins, depressions and less steeply inclined slopes. apart from the Himalayan regions the forest soils occur in the higher hills in the south an the peninsular region.
3.       3. Very rich in humus but are deficient in potash. phosphorous and lime and needs fertilizers.
4.       Plantation of tea, coffer spices and tropical fruits.


1.       A large part of the arid and semi-arid region in Rajasthan and adjoining areas of Punjab and Haryana lying between the Indus and the Aravalli receiving less than 50 cm of annual rainfall is affected by desert conditions.
2.       The area is covers by a mantle of sand which inhibits soil growth.
3.       The phosphate content of these soils is as high as in normal alluvial soils. nitrogen is originally low but its deficiency is made up to some extent by the availability of nitrogen in the form of nitrates. thus the presence of phosphates and nitrates make them fertile soils wherever moisture is available.
4.       The changes in the cropping pattern in the Indira Gandhi canal command area a living example of the utility of the desert soil.


1.       In the drier parts of Bihar, up Haryana ., Panjab Rajasthan an Maharashtra are the salt impregnated or alkaline soils. Known by different names reh , kallar , usar, etc.
2.       Some of the salts are transported in solution by the rivers and canals, which percolates in the subsoils of the plains.
3.       The accumulation of salts makes the soil infertile and renders it unfit for agriculture.


1.       Originate in the humid regions as a result of the accumulation of large amounts of organic matter in the soil. They contain considerable amounts of soluble salts and 10-40% of organic matter.
2.       Peaty soils are found in Kottayam and Alappuzha districts of Kerala, where it is called Kari.
3.       Marshy soils high in vegetable matter, are found in northern Bihar, coastal parts of Odisha, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and parts of Uttar Pradesh.